Astronomical Center Prof. D.Sc. Vladimir Shkodrov of

Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen


Website of the Astronomical Center:

The Astronomical Center is established as a structure of University of Shumen in 1999. Its main activities are: realization of the education of students in Astronomy and popularization of the astronomy. In 1999 astronomical dome for the 15-cm Meniscas Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope was built. The new equipment provided a possibility to observe the Total Solar Eclipse during the same year.


Equipment of the Astronomical Center:










3.0-m dome;




15-cm Meniscas Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope (mounted in 3.0 m dome);

Diameter: 150 mm

Focal length: 2250 mm

Eyepieces: 6 mm; 10 mm; 16 mm; 25 mm; 40 mm




65-mm Alcor telescope;







Three 60-mm refractor telescope;







Electronic eyepiece Bresser PC Ocular;






Astrocamera 56/250;





Six sextants for practical exercises with students;






Two models of the Solar System;





Room for theoretical and practical lectures with students;





Three scientific rooms of the astronomy professors;





Sundial, Campus 3 of the University;






Library with astronomical literature.

Shumen Astronomical Observatory